Summer plans

I've been living in New Zealand for close to a year and a half now, much longer than I imagined when I first arrived. I've been thinking about my exit strategy for a while, and with summer fast approaching, now seems like a good time to put it into action. Gather round and I will tell you what I've got planned.

I leave my job on December 5th. The day after that, Sam arrives in New Zealand from California. The day after that, we leave Christchurch together and spend several months travelling the length and breadth (and depth, since we will be moving in three-dimensional space) of New Zealand. We haven't decided the exact duration yet but it's likely to be between three and five months. After that, we're going to move to Australia together, assuming we can both still tolerate being around each other by this point, which is anyone's guess.

I've come up with this incredibly exciting map of the route we intend to follow:

Fucking hell

Being on the road for months on end has the potential to get quite expensive, so we'll be taking a couple of financial shortcuts:

1) Hitchhiking. We're going to try and avoid paying for transport altogether, instead relying on the good will and mental stability of New Zealand's road users. This has worked spectacularly in the past so I'm fairly optimistic about our chances. If all else fails, we can always pull the "girl as bait" trick that worked so well in Alaska.

2) Volunteer work. There is a website called HelpX which aims to bring together "Hosts" (those who need work doing, generally on farms) and "Helpers" (those who are willing to work in exchange for free accommodation and food) which I'm very keen to experiment with. It sounds like a lovely way to meet interesting folk and learn cool stuff. The money is almost incidental, but very handy nonetheless.

That's the long and short of it anyway. I can't wait.