Weekly photo [72]

I migrated south to picturesque student town Dunedin with some boys from work for the long weekend. They'd all studied there so knew the best sites to see and steepest streets to climb. Baldwin Street purports to be the steepest street in the world and plays host to such annual events as the Baldwin Street Gutbuster and the amazing Baldwin Street Jaffa Race, along with the occasional horrible death. It was lovely to escape Christchurch for the weekend and remember what living in a functional city feels like.

Weekly photo [71]

A world cup qualifying fixture between heavyweights New Zealand and Tahiti was my first ever international football match and it was great. New Zealand capitalised on the fact that the Tahitians were obviously very cold and ended up thumping the islanders 3-0. Some highlights included: watching Ipswich Town centre-back Tommy Smith play; the dramatic moment where two of the stadium lights failed, plunging half the pitch into darkness for several minutes (though technically this constitutes a lowlight); a hilarious yellow card awarded to New Zealand player Ben Sigmund for attempting to take Tahiti's goal kick for them (a brilliant maneuver he had nothing to gain from); listening to the Tahitian national anthem.

Weekly photo [70]

Being assaulted by the Pacific Ocean at New Brighton. The water looked too lovely to ignore despite not having brought a change of clothes or anything to dry myself with. Quite a moist bike ride after this episode, but worth it.

Weekly photo [69]

Floating through Hagley Park trying to get some half-decent duck shots. You know how it is.