Weekly photo [68]

To balance the recent spate of cheerful weekly photos, I've decided to throw in a depressing earthquake scene in the name of objective journalism. It's a ruined theatre. Normal service will resume next week...


So I've reached one hundred posts. To celebrate this special milestone, I've decided to load a big canon full of pixels and fire the contents directly into your retinas. Here follows a selection of random photos from the last fifteen months that never got published because they didn't quite make the daily photo grade. I'll also use this opportunity to extend my thanks to everybody who's been lovely enough to visit my humble blog in 2011 and 2012, especially the loyal/unemployed few who've read all one hundred posts.

Weekly photo [67]

Taking in the beautiful Harris Bay during an epic bike ride with my new housemate. We ended up getting completely lost after a series of navigational blunders and when night began to fall, our options for getting home were reduced to trespassing a farm, trespassing a road closed by falling boulders, or continuing along the narrow, winding trail we knew led to the peak of a mountain before it led to Christchurch. I won't tell you which option we chose through fear of this blog post being used as evidence against me in a court of law, but needless to say after five hours and over 50km of pedalling, we were pretty glad to be home and alive.

Weekly photo [66]

Californian artist Kiel Johnson visited Christchurch to spearhead a workshop in cardboard sculpting that anyone could attend for free. The idea was to build a collaborative model of the new, post-quake Christchurch using only cardboard, glue, paint and lots of creativity. My own contribution - a lifelike self-portrait - was seriously below the standard set by the rest of the community: just look at some of this stuff. Fantastic. Before anyone says anything, I'm aware I screwed up the British flag, but some child had run away with the blue paint by the time I noticed.

Weekly photo [65]

Tuesday was a public holiday in the states which meant business was slow everywhere else in the world, slow enough to desert the office and go go-karting on company time instead. The guy in charge criticised Team Purple for reckless driving during the practise rounds but we went on to win the 160 lapper, proof that not having full control of your vehicle gets results. Absolutely brilliant fun.

Weekly photo [64]

I went mountain biking in the hills south of the city with a friend from work and it almost killed me. I'd never been proper mountain biking before and despite the fear and the exhaustion and the frequent falls, it was completely exhilarating and I loved it. Unfortunately, I couldn't use my own bike because it doesn't have full suspension (bless it) and I didn't fancy chronic whiplash.